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Step 3: Test Scheduler

Our COVID-19 Test Scheduler is a crucial element of your in-store testing solution. Patients will be able to book test types, locations, date/time, fill out patient additional details, and pay for the appointment. The system will also automatically transcribe the patient details on to state forms, saving your staff valuable time. This platform is well worth the upfront investment and you will see a return on your investment in one day. We anticipate heavy demand so the price and delivery time of each scheduler will only increase over time. If you would like to start using your Test Scheduler as part of COVID-10 testing plan right away, we recommend buying right away.

COVID-19 Test Scheduler Platform (Recommended)

  • Bespoke COVID-19 Test Scheduler Platform (Launch Pricing)

    Sale! $9,450.00 $5,000.00
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  • Bespoke COVID-19 Vaccination Scheduler Platform (Coming Soon)

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